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Welcome to St Peter’s  I am local vicar, Tony Tooby I have been in Mancetter for five years. We work hard at serving God and the community. I want to share our statement it will give you the flavour of church if you like our statement we would love to see you. 

There is something special at St Peter’s…….. You see, God is already doing something wonderful. We know what a difference it makes being Christ’s Church in this place, and to the people living around us.


There’s warmth here, a real welcome, a sense of belonging. People grow here because they are loved by God and believe all things are possible through Him.       


This loving faith reaches out into the community around us through our Church, in which we worship and engage with all who are seeking God’s love.                                

Within our church here at St. Peter’s, people experience the love of God that is in Jesus Christ.


Sadly we live in a broken world which is reflected not only in our own communities, but throughout society. So we need to open our arms even wider and embrace all who would come to our Church. No one is excluded from hearing the good news of Jesus Christ, for all are uniquely loved Children of God.                                                                                           

We want our Church to reflect the light of Christ, for he embraces the poor, the destitute, the needy and the lonely. We want the people of our Parish to come to a place where they know they are loved.                                                             

We will continue working together, supporting each other to work out the way in which God wants to take us forward, in worship, outreach and in our own personal calling.                                                                                                                     

Our Church, St. Peter’s, has been built on solid foundations, both spiritual and physical/structural; and we look to the future with great hope in the One we serve here in this place.                                                                                                                 

“It is the family of God.” – St Peter’s

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